Birthday Boy Cake is part of our birthday collection. Dogs just wanna have fun - how can you deny th..



Birthday Girl Cake is part of our birthday collection. Dogs just wanna have fun - how can you deny t..



Happy Birthday Bone makes a great present for your furry friends. Our Happy Birthday Bone will put a..



Happy Birthday gift makes a great present for your furry friends. Our Happy Birthday Gift will put a..


Blue Cupcake

Nom, Nom, Nom, Blue Cupcake is surely different from the usual dog toys out there. It looks so deli..


Can of Lager

It's Beer o'clock somewhere!Put the five o'clock in playtime with a fun toy that will make you smile..


Doggy Donuts

MMM donuts! Our super cute sprinkle donuts will make you drool as you watch your dog play with them!..


Electra the Unicorn

Electra the unicorn is a magical plush toy for your dog. Electra has fabric outer and floppy le..


Flo the Flamingo

Flo the Flamingo is a pretty cool, calm and collected chick. Tell your dog to go easy on her - she's..


French Fries

Indulge your pup with French Fries - fun, pull-apart, crinkly & squeaky, how can you resist the ..


Fried Chicken

Playtime is served with this Fried Chicken dog toy, it's stuffed with a giggle stick inside that mak..


Froyo Frozen Yogurt

Dogs will swirl around with excitement for our new Froyo frozen yogurt. This vanilla soft serve is a..


Hot Dog

Hot Dog day! Everyone loves hotdogs and your dog should too! Sausage part is removable. Both bun &am..


I Love You Potion & Rose

Share the love with this adorable I love you potion bottle & sweet red rose. This is the perfect..


Ice Cream

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Your pooch will love this Ice Cream Plush Dog Toy,..


INTERACTIVE | Starbarks Coffee House

Starbarks Coffee House is a great addition to your Pooches toy collection. This interactive toy come..


LUXE COLLECTION | Arfsolut Vodka

Arfsolut Vodka is designed by Haute Diggity Dog from the Muttini Bar Collection of designer dog toys..


LUXE COLLECTION | Bark Daniels Whiskery

Whiskery on the rocks, please! Bark Daniels is perfect for any pooch who likes to pawty! Parodied af..



Barkardi Rum toy is parodied after the superior rum bottle. Your dog will love chewing on this ..


LUXE COLLECTION | Barkweiser King of Barks

Barkweiser King of Barks is brewed by an all natural pawcess. Barkweiser is inspired by a humans fav..


LUXE COLLECTION | Cavalier Sauvignon Wine

Cavalier Sauvignon Wine are part of the Muttini Collection designed by Haute Diggity Dog. This exclu..


LUXE COLLECTION | Chewlulemon Bag

Your dog will love this fun Chewlulemon Bag designed by Haute Diggity Dog. Chewlulemon has a soft pl..


LUXE COLLECTION | Diane Von Furstinbone Handbag

Diane Von Furstinbone Handbag  is a parody after the famous designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, th..

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LUXE COLLECTION | Dog Julio Tequila

This Dog Julio Tequila Bottle plush toy is perfect for the drink loving dog. This adorable brown Teq..


LUXE COLLECTION | Dolce Grr-Bone Purse

We all love a designer bag so why should your diva dog be left out? This fantastic Dolce Grr-Bone Pu..



Grrrona Beer is inspired by your favourite bottle of beer & now your pup can enjoy a cool bevera..


LUXE COLLECTION | Johnnie Dogwalker Ruff Label Scottie Whisky

Johnnie Dogwalker Ruff Label Scottie Whisky is a parody dog toy, imported from USA. It comes complet..


LUXE COLLECTION | Kate Spayed Handbag

Kate Spayed Handbag is from Haute Diggity Dog's designer dog toys straight from USA. With a fresh ne..


LUXE COLLECTION | Kennel One Vodka

This dog toy is replicates the high end vodka bottle, Ketel One with Kennel One Vodka. It suits a do..


LUXE COLLECTION | LickCroix Barkling Water

We are now serving brand new LickCroix Barkling Water in pamplemutt flavour for your dog's! Its 100%..


LUXE COLLECTION | Pawvin Handbag

A fashionista can never have too many purses! Especially a purse representing the fashion capital of..



Want your dog to have the same matching Uggs as you? Now you can with designer Haute Dignity Dog PUG..


LUXE COLLECTION | Seagrrrm's Cooler

Grrrrr. Seagrrrm's wine cooler plush dog toy replicating Seagrams bottles. This plush dog toy was im..


LUXE COLLECTION | Skinnydog Margrrrrita

This Skinnydog Margrrrrita Squeak Toy Parodied after Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Margarita, from ..


LUXE COLLECTION | Starbarks Frenchie Roast With Lid

Introducing Starbarks coffee for dogs. Have you ever wanted to give your furry friend something to q..


LUXE COLLECTION | Starbarks Muttchiato

Starbarks Muttchiato is for the coffee lovers.Fun parody toy, Muttchiato,  is a plush toy which..


LUXE COLLECTION | Starbarks Original Frenchie Roast With Straw

Starbarks Original Frenchie Roast With Straw is a go to for the coffee lovers. It comes with a ..


LUXE COLLECTION | Starbarks Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbarks Pumpkin Spice Latte is for the coffee lovers. Starbarks Pumpkin Spice Latte is an incredib..


LUXE COLLECTION | Stella MuttCartney Shoe

Arguably the only designer that your pup should be seen strutting around the park in - Stella’s dogg..


LUXE COLLECTION | Tanqueruff Gin

Why not let your pooch have a bottle of Tanqueruff Gin to match your taste in drink. This fun t..


LUXE COLLECTION | Tom Fido Sunglasses

Give your Pooch the latest and coolest designer sunglasses! Features soft plush exterior and 2 squea..



Introducing the newest toy from Haute Diggity Dog, the Tory Bark Bone is definitely something your d..


LUXE COLLECTION | Tory Bark Handbag

A brand new Tory Bark handbag, your dog will be so happy when you bring this luxury doggy Handbag ho..



Let your dog chew on their own luxury Tory Bark shoe. It saves you a pair too! Tory Bark Shoe is a c..



Who doesn't enjoy a cheat day once in a while? Say goodbye to any diet & indulge your pooch in a..


Pack and Snack Suitcase

Fancy travelling the world with your pooch? Or maybe you want to show your pooch how special they ar..


Pawtato Chips

Who doesn't like pawtato chips?! Its such a classic foodie feast that any furry friend will love. Th..


Pink Cupcake

Nom, Nom, Nom, Pink Cupcake is surely different from the usual dog toys out there. It looks so ..



Grab your coffee before you head out the door as Puppuccino is what your want to start your morning ..


Tory Bark Giftbag

Tory Bark Giftbag is fashion statement to all the pooches out there. Tory Bark Giftbag is anoth..


Unicorn Potion

Puppucino not giving you that morning hit you need? This magical unicorn brew will provide all pups ..